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Sailfishing Guatemala

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures has gained the reputation of being one of the finest bill-fishing operations anywhere. From the ease of putting this Guatemalan fishing vacation together to the 5 star accommodations, first class service, scrumptious dinning, and the very finest in sports fishing vessels, crews and equipment, ‘Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures’ will put anglers on what is undoubtedly the worlds very best in sailfishing. Capt. Brad Philipps had fished these phenomenal Guatemalan waters for 6 years as Fins N Feathers Inn Fleet Commander prior to it's closure, before teaming up with his wife Cindy and long-time charter boat owner and traveling bill fishermen, Steve Cothron, in 2005 to start this exclusive operation, catering to the needs of the most discerning bill fishermen.

Having gained invaluable experience while fishing most of the worlds top billfishing destinations and through his consistency in these very Guatemalan waters, Brad has been recognized as one of the best in his field, being voted Marlin Magazines Captain of the Year 2008, as well as receiving many other accolades, along with his mate Kennedy being voted top mate.


He has released over 27 000 billfish over the past 15 years in Guatemala, averaging an amazing 15 billfish releases per day, along with the hordes of slammer dorado, tuna and blue marlin that fill the memorable trips with unstoppable action and variety. He has broken the world record for billfish releases by a single captain on 3 separate occasions in the past years, having a record breaking 2759 billfish releases in 2004. Top days aboard the ‘Decisive’ include 91 sailfsih releases on bait, a record breaking 73 releases for a single angler on bait, 51 releases for a single fly-fishing angler in a day and 6 blue marlin releases in single afternoon for a single angler. ‘Decisive’ released close to 2500 billfish in 2006 to prove the consistency of this great team. With just under 2000 releases for the 2006/2007 season, including 96 blue marlin and two striped marlin. In the 2007/2008 season they released well over 2000 sailfish, 46 blue marlin and 2 blacks. Guatemala's fishing and this team, seem to just be getting better and better and the 2012/13 season is proving to be another banner year with 91 releases in single day.


Brad has been awarded The Billfish Foundations prestigious Release Captain of the Year Award, and Sailfish Release Captain of the Year Award, for the past 13 years in a row, and also the Pacific Blue Marlin Release Captain of the Year Award for 3 times in the past years. Together with his highly experienced mates, Kennedy and Jhonny, Capt. Brad brings to this exceptional boat his friendly personality, unmistakable mix of attributes, the promise of uncompromising service, a willingness to share their knowledge, years of experience on these waters and a professionally tested crew with a contagious passion for the game that one will find hard to match anywhere.


Cindy Philipps has years of experience in the Guatemala sport fishing, hotel and culinary trades. Cindy brings to the exclusive lodging and booking side of this operation her unparalleled efficiency, personal supervision and unmistakable Guatemalan hospitality. Together with their professional lodging staff and full-time driver, this operation will personally handle every detail of your trip, to ensure that your stay on land is as unforgettable as the time spent offshore.


Whether an experienced billfishermen, a relative newcomer, a fly-fisherman or conventional angler this is as close a bet as one can guarantee to enjoying the fishing trip of a lifetime. You’ll find all the necessary details in this website and we look forward to you contacting us directly to make your bookings or to give you more information on this exciting fishing vacation. 

Welcome to Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

Our Lodge - "The Billfish Inn" - Photo Courtesy of Bill Boyce

80 releases in a day!

25,000 Billfish Releases...and counting

Capt. Brad Philipps RELEASED his 25000th billfish on the Feb 2nd, 2013, 23000 of which have been release together with his longtime mate Kenendy Hernandez!!!

Breaking News

'Decisive' wins the NO SANCOCHO TOURNAMENT, April 2015

'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps and his 'Team Decisive' anglers Denny Doyle, Ed Burr and Bob White win the 'No-Sancocho' Tournament of Guatemala. Taking the daily on each day of the event as top boat, for a resounding overall win. Points are giving according to billfish species and the tackle you catch them on, with 10 point for a sailfish on conventional 30lb and 20 points if caught on IGFA 20lb fly gear, marlin score more points. The team racked up 625 points, 'Team Pelagic Gear' placed second with 430 points. Capt. Brad Philipps and his long-time mates Kennendy and Johnny are three for three on tournament wins this season! Fishing has been great and the event was a resounding success, thank you to all the sponsors! U$10,000 of 'Sancocho' money was raised for a local school from the event! 

We won the Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament. Decisive released 34 sails and a blue marlin on the fly in 2 days of great fishing.

'Decisive' released 12 sails and a 275lb blue marlin on the fly rod, IGFA 20lb tippet, tournament fishing...caught and released...the fish almost jumped in the boat early in the battle, what a bite, what a show!


'Decisive' WINS the PRESIDENTIAL CHALLENGE OF GUATEMALA, 2014, with all sorts of records broken!!!

We released 23 sails and 2 blue marlin (275lbs and 325lbs) yesterday, all on 20lb IGFA. 'Decisive' totaled 98 sails and 2 blue marlin releases in the three days of fishing, which by all accounts is the most fish ever released by a single boat fishing a tournament!!!

The tournament totaled 845 sailfish & 4 blue marlin released by 12 boats in 3 days of fishing, also a new tournament record!!!!

The BITE is on off Guatemala, it's a huge body of fish and it's going to be a great season here!!!! 

91 sailfish release in a day
'Decisive' released 91 sailfish from 114 bites, with angler Dave Workman Jr of Florida releasing 73 of the sailfish, a possible new record for the most billfish releases for a single angler in a single day!  Dec 28th, 2012

Over 2000 releases each year!


6 Blue Marlin in 1 day !