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‘Decisive’ wins the NO SANCOCHO TOURNAMENT, April 2015

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‘Decisive’ with Capt. Brad Philipps and his ‘Team Decisive’ anglers Denny Doyle, Ed Burr, and Bob White win the ‘No-Sancocho’ Tournament of Guatemala. Taking the daily on each day of the event as the top boat, for a resounding overall win. Points are giving according to billfish species and the tackle you catch them on, with 10 points for a sailfish on conventional 30lb and 20 points if caught on IGFA 20lb fly gear, marlin score more points. The team racked up 625 points, ‘Team Pelagic Gear’ placed second with 430 points. Capt. Brad Philipps and his long-time mates Kennedy and Johnny are three for three on tournament win this season! Fishing has been great and the event was a resounding success, thank you to all the sponsors! U$10,000 of ‘Sancocho’ money was raised for a local school from the event! 

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