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Fishability and comfort
Monsoon | Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

These two 31ft Bertram’s are maintained by an American owner, with us now booking the boats. The 31ft Bertram is legendary for its fishabilty and comfort, all wrapped up in an economically packaged, inboard powered with ample deck space, these vessels have long been hailed as ”the little boat that has it all”. With Guatemala’s flat seas and amazing fishery, they really do come to the foremost for those looking for a more economically priced package then the bigger boats which burn so much more fuel.

Brad’s long-time first mate of 15 years, learned a lot with Brad and has been running these particular boats for the past 2 seasons. Sammy Bairez, worked for Brad many moons ago, so is also almost family, and a great fishermen/captain in his own right. Together Kennedy and Sammy, are true Guatemalan professionals, who speak perfect English and will see to it that you have a great experience while putting you onto the fish. It really is a pleasure for us to be working with this fine fishermen on these great boats, and is a great time that we join forces!

Fishing in Guatemala | Guatemalan Billfishing AdventuresMonsoon

Type31ft bertram
CaptainCapt Kennedy Hérnandez

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