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USA (512) 535-1751 GUA (502) 5708-7423

Seas & Weather

When it comes to seas and weather conditions, Guatemala has to boast some of the world’s most consistently flat billfishing waters. Due in large part to the protective Guatemalan mountain ranges, its geographic location, and tranquil tropical Pacific seas, these waters are calm and wind free on a year-round basis, with late February through May almost guaranteeing flat seas. When larger cold fronts go through up north of Guatemala in the Southern United States during the mid-winter months slightly rougher seas can be experienced, but nothing the slightly bigger 40ft boats can’t handle with ease.

It is very rare that a day is ever blown out in these waters, this perhaps only happening once or twice during the average 200 days of fishing per year, which is something almost unheard of anywhere else in the billfishing world. 


The phenomenally rich waters off the Pacific coast of Guatemala offer an incredibly long sailfish season. Our rainy season of July through September coincide with the slower sailfishing period, with October through to the middle of June being prime sailfishing months. Anglers seem to have long favored two peak periods, that of November/December, and then again in March/April, although this trend seems to be more as a result of past marketing than what statistics would show. It is almost impossible to pinpoint just when the fishing may peak, as the big bites may come and go, and their frequency and timing changes a little year to year, but 40 plus sailfish release days have been experienced in every month of the year.