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USA (512) 535-1751 GUA (502) 5708-7423

Terms Of Service



Once dates are reserved on a boat and you have received the final quote for your fishing trip, you will have 15 days for us to receive a 50% deposit of the total of the final quoted price of your trip. Please send a copy of the deposit slip if you make a wire transfer. If you FedEx a check, please allow at least 5 working days for postage to Guatemala from the USA, and then 6 days for our bank to clear the check. Please advise us by email at that the check has been mailed and we will then confirm you the deposit into our bank, via email.

We will expect your deposit to have been cleared into our bank within 15 days of your reservation and final quote. Will contact you via email to check on your deposit, but if no suitable agreement can be found, your name/group will be removed from the calendar at the end of the 15th day, if your deposit has not cleared into our bank, the dates will become open and available to any interested customer.


The final payment of the remaining 50% is due in our account 6 weeks prior to the start of your scheduled fishing trip. A notice will be sent reminding you of the due date, please allow ample time for postage and the clearing of a check should you choose to pay using a check. Once again, please send a copy of the wire deposit slip by email.


There is a very small chance that inclement weather will affect your fishing trip, although this is very rare in Guatemala. If your Boat Captain determines that for safety reasons, the trip should not be taken, you will receive a day fishing credited for a future trip, or if possible added onto the end of the current trip (this will be your choice depending on availability). However, if you choose not to go out for your own comfort considerations or any other personal reason there will be no credit given.

There is always the assumption that the following day or days will be fishable, so no credit can be given prior to the captain making the decision on a particular morning. We will, however, try our best to accommodate our client requests at all costs, as satisfied clients are what make this a successful operation.


We strive to take the highest possible level of care in the maintenance of our vessels. Even with top quality boats, breakdowns may occasionally occur. Should your boat be unable to go fishing for mechanical reasons, we will do our best to arrange a suitable alternative boat for you. If there are no acceptable alternatives, we will offer that day fishing as a full credit aboard the same vessel you had originally booked in the future. If no agreement or suitable future trip can be arranged we will give you a full refund for the boat. If your trip is imminent and by some remote chance your reserved boat may not be ready by your arrival, we will keep you advised on the boat’s status and other alternatives.


There are no refunds on cancellations made within 30 days prior to your fishing trip. If there is any reason you might cancel your trip, we will immediately seek to resell those dates. If we are able to resell the dates, you will be refunded for the 50% of your trip, should it have already been paid in full. There is a cancellation fee of $150.00 per person for travel plans. If we are not able to resell your reserved dates, we cannot refund any money.


Any cancellations for pre-paid reservations with more than 30 days advance notice will be fully refundable if the fishing days and rooms can be sold and 50% refund will be made if the fishing days of the boat and rooms reserved cannot be sold or re-booked. A $150 cancellation fee is charged per person for any cancellation.

*** We reserve the right to change these policies and procedures without prior written notice at any time as deemed necessary. For more information please contact us at, in Guatemala at (502) 7880-4152, in the USA at (512) 535-1751.